Momee updates your each process as you go.
Collect your DIY craft, cooking or daily goals as you go, share these processes in fast stories with your friends!
Chat with your friends in instant “Stories” format like no other messaging apps!

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Special moments but only appear for 24 h?
Too much “Hightlight” on your instagram stories?

Organize your Stories

Arrange your “Stories Moments”, no more cluster
Add new moments to different “Stories”
See people who share the similar “Stories” as you

Actions story
Momee Circle

Share with Circle of people
who made those moments special

Create Multiple different groups
the Right moments to the Right circles
Daily moments to people who cares
All circle members’ “Stories” up-to-date instantly

Life is not always instagram glamorous

Authentic, instantly

Your freshly-baked butter bread
Your cup of hot tea in a rainy afternoon
Your work out routine that finally stick to
Your song that played over and over again

Real People, Real Life.

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